R2D2 Projector- Enjoy Greater Sound And Movies Right At Your Home

R2D2 Projector is not just a funky toy. It works with a USB slot, 20 Watt built in speakers and CD player. It is highly compatible with Mp4 and Mp3, Jpeg etc. It features a Wi-Fi transmitter for linking up with other devices. It offers the coolest feature and that is you can now watch movies on the ceiling. It generates the biggest possible image size. You can utilize them to produce the immense screen experience of a commercial movie theater, right at your home. It provides the ease of installation. They are light weight and portable and even one person can handle it, without any trouble.

R2D2 Projector R2D2 Projector  Enjoy Greater Sound And Movies Right At Your HomePractically, the image size of any conventional projector is confined by its light input. Most of the projectors produce images at sizes ranging from 90 inches to 120 inches. But R2D2 Projector produces up to 216 inches images, which are relatively larger than the images produced by traditional projectors.

Product Features:

It offers huge display.
CD and DVD Player.
It provides iPod Docking station.
It comes along with an efficient and well-designed remote, which accumulates all the features.
You can easily plug in your game consoles.
It is easy to connect with USB or memory card.
It features a super cool remote controller (Mini Millennium Falcon).
The remote helps to control all your gadgets.

Upgraded Version of R2D2 Home Theatres:

This projector is also known as astro-mech droid. It is one of the world’s favorite gadgets, whose home theatre version has been upgraded. The upgraded version includes the following features:

The newer version has boosted its DLP projector to 1024 x 768 pixels.
The upgraded contrast ratio is 1500:1, while the previous version has the ratio of 1000:1.
This model still can’t meet the requirements of HDTV resolution.
But it has the capability to do number of things.
Its DLP projector can produce significantly larger images.
It can project an 80 inches image from 16.5 feet away.
It has the potential to rotate its angle up to 65 degrees.
It is ideal for the lazy players, who like to play Wii while lying down.
Like the previous version, it features DVD and CD player.
It includes iPod dock connector.
It pushes great and clear sound through its 20 Watt built in speakers.
It features memory card and USB readers.
It offers LED indicator, which is about 20 ½ inch high and 13 ½ inch wide.
It provides the coolest touch and shows the function that is currently in use.

The Projector also features an alarm clock. It displays the accurate time and wakes you up with unique tones, beeps and whistles. When the alarm is turned off in a darkened room, this astro-mech droid displays time onto your walls and ceiling.

R2D2 Projector comes along with plenty of unique features. It is the most advanced and efficient projectors, performing multiple tasks at the same time. So create a super cool theatre right at your home.

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